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An Invitation to Study

Lesson 1 September 27-October 3

James, the Lord's Brother

Read for This Week's Study: John 7:2-51 Cor. 15:5-7James 1:32:51 Pet. 2:9-10Matt. 7:24-27.

Memory Text:  You are My friends if you do whatever I command you (John 15:14, NKJV).

We, today, are a long way from the early days of the Christian church, both time wise and culturally. Thus, we have little idea of what it was like to belong to the fledgling Christian movement at a time when many congregations met in homes, and most believers were Jews persecuted by their fellow Israelites. The letter of James gives us one of the earliest glimpses of Jewish Christianity before it disappeared in the fog of Jewish-Christian controversies and before the marginalization of the Jews by the predominantly Gentile church of the second century and beyond.

Unlike many of the epistles, it does not seem that some crisis or urgent need in a local church impelled James to write this epistle. Rather, it is written to the broader Christian community scattered abroad (James 1:1).

Before we dive into his letter, however, this week we want to try to learn what we can about the author himself. Some of the questions we'll address are: who was James? What was his background? What had been his relationship to Jesus? And what position did he hold in the church?

*Go to http://ssnet.org/lessons/14d/less01.html to study this week’s lesson.

Do You Know .....

It was by deception that Satan seduced angels; thus he has in all ages carried forward his work among men, and he will continue this policy to the last. Should he openly profess to be warring against God and His law, men would beware; but he disguises himself, and mixes truth with error. The most dangerous falsehoods are those that are mingled with truth. It is thus that errors are received that captivate and ruin the soul. By this means Satan carries the world with him. But a day is coming when his triumph will be forever ended. – {PP 338.3}